Dear Dr. Belocura,
This letter is to write you expressing my deep gratitude for the great HCG Weight Loss Program.  Back in 2004, I had a complete hysterectomy due to excessive bleeding and fibroids on my left ovary.  After my surgery, I had side effects that were never discussed with me and what additional harm could be caused to my body.  A list below is what I have experienced since 2004 until the recent treatment of the bio identical hormones and the HCG Weight Loss Program:
Anixety                                                                             Depression
Fatigue                                                                          Hair Loss
Headaches                                                                    Insomnia
Joint pain                                                                      Low Sex Drive
Mood swings (extreme)                                             Unexplained weight gain
Thyroid deficiency                                                       Low Energy Levels
Hot flashes ( for 7 years)                                            Day and Night Sweating
My Hysterectomy (complete, no ovaries left behind) procedure threw me into premature menopause at the age of 41.  This occurred because my body suddenly lacked the hormones needed to balance the chemicals in my body.  This procedure is permanent and cannot be reversed.  There are other treatments other than a complete hysterectomy for bleeding and fibroids.  A complete hysterectomy should have been my last resort and other treatments should have been discussed.
Ten years of suffering from the above list, I went from a size 9/10- 140 lbs to a 22/24 -298 lbs (my highest weight)  and I had struggled to get my weight down, my energy level up, not to mention all the other symptoms listed above that I could not get under control.
My first treatment of bio identical (in December 2014) I felt on a scale of 1 to 10 about an 8, which is a huge improvement.  When I did my second treatment (April 2015)  of bio identical hormone I finally could say I felt 99.9% back to my normal self as I once did before my hysterectomy and I will never give up this treatment and will continue to monitor my levels and know when they are off, your procedure is effective and will get me feeling like I should be feeling.
I went on the HCG diet at the end of May 2015 and I lost 27 lbs and several inches all over my body.  This is the best and most effective weight loss program I have ever experience.  I will continue to eat right, healthy, exercise and maintain my current weight loss.  I am happier than I have ever been.

Testimonial of

Ms. Terry B. of El Paso

Women, if you are considering a Hysterectomy, please get a second opinion speak about the side effects and how they will affect you in the long run.  If I knew I was going to have 14 other conditions to get rid of 2, I would have not opted for the surgery.
Dr. Belacura, thank you and your staff for giving me back the life I thought I could never have.  I think you for your passion and caring about your patients, educating us on how our body works, what our body needs.
Ladies and Gentlemen, if you struggle with weight loss, loss of energy, and some of the list I struggled with above, try the bio identical hormones and the HCG diet (stick to the diet, don’t cheat) and you will see the results I have and will have a better quality of life.  I look forward to my second HCG Weight Loss program in October of this year.
Just look at my before and after pictures, they speak for themselves.

Ms Terry B
Thank you.