Hormones slowly and steadily decline with aging.  BUT certain deficiencies are REVERSIBLE and comprehensive treatment leads to SIGNIFICANT physical and behavioral improvement even restoration of OPTIMAL HEALTH.

Hormones are at the CORE of these problems:
1. Weight gain                                           9. Hypertension
2. Fatigue                                                10. Insomnia
3. Hot flashes                                          11. Fibromyalgia
4. Heavy bleeding                                    12. Mood swings
5. Breast cysts                                         13. Stressed
6. Uterine fibroids                                     14. Focus/memory issues
7. Osteoporosis                                        15. Muscle weakness   
8. Diabetes                                               16. Lack of drive

Testosterone Therapy: Low-testosterone is a common condition that is largely connected with aging. As our bodies begin to produce less testosterone, we begin to feel certain symptoms that are often considered a sign of old age. These symptoms are not inevitable, however, and can often be improved with testosterone treatment for Low T. Learn More»

Testosterone Therapy for Men: As time goes on, many men begin to experience the signs and symptoms of low testosterone. In fact, in many men testosterone levels begin to decline as early as the age of 30! Testosterone therapy for men can reduce the symptoms of Low T and help in the age-management goals of men of all ages and conditions. Learn More»

Low Testosterone for Women: Despite the misconceptions of so many, low testosterone does not only affect men. Women also suffer from this aging condition. For many women, testosterone levels begin to decline while they are still in their twenties. By the time middle age comes along, the life-extension treatment that testosterone therapy provides is often very beneficial. Learn More»

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy: This type of anti-aging treatment is often abbreviated to BIHRT. Bio-identical hormone management is designed to address a variety of decreasing hormones. In addition to addressing fading testosterone levels, BIHRT influences the levels of estrogen, progesterone and cortisol in the body. The decline of these hormones causes many patients to experience signs and symptoms of aging, but BIHRT can often reduce or eliminate many of these symptoms. Learn More»